Veronica Spencer
Engineer, Designer, and Maker




Veronica Spencer

“I make things. Sometimes they work.”

I majored in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Robotics and Automation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Immediately upon graduation, I realized that I really, really wanted to gain more experience in the consumer product design field, particularly in the world of toys, so I made the decision to return to Georgia Tech for my Master's in Industrial Design.

In between re-inventing and revitalizing the engineering and design curriculum, I stay involved with Georgia Tech's makerspace, the Invention Studio. The Invention Studio is my greatest and most valuable classroom; I've learned everything from rapid prototyping to shop etiquette to leadership. My compulsive need to build things has granted me a solid understanding of mechanisms and materials. It has also taught me how to use a fire extinguisher.

As adults, I don't think we use our imaginations nearly enough. When you're designing toys or any product that touches a user's hand, I believe that you have to be willing to explore new methods of interface and play, even if it makes you look silly.  Good user experiences come from trial and error, humility, and a healthy sense of humor.